Prextex 15-Inch Plush Shark with 5 Piece Soft Stuffed Sea Animals Includes Stuffed Octopus, Crab, Turtle, Stingray, and Blue Whale

Prextex Patented Uniquely Designed 6” Handcrafted Sea Animals in 15 ” Wide Plush shark
Zip the Sea Friends Inside the shark for Easy Storage and Carrying!
Includes: Five (5) 6-8” High Quality, Washable, Plush Sea Animals (1 Octopus, 1 Stingray Fish, 1 killer Whale,1 Turtle and Crab, with Detailed Designed) and 1 Large 15” shark

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Prextex Carry Along Plush Ducky with 5 Little Plush Ducklings – 6 Piece Soft Stuffed Animals Playset

Prextex Patented Uniquely Designed 10-inch handcrafted plush mommy duck with 5 little ducklings
Zip the ducklings Inside the big duck for Easy Storage and Carrying!
Includes: Five High Quality, Washable baby dukies with one big 10” zippered duckie mom

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Prextex High Qulity Plush Dinosaurs 4 Pack 10” Long Great Gift For Kids Stuffed Animal Assortment Great Set for Kids

Prextex Plush Dinosaurs Assortment for Hours of Dino Fun!
INCLUDES: 4 Plush Dinosaurs Each Dinosaur Measures 6 Inches Long
EASY CLEAN; These Dinosaures Are High Quality And Made Of Washable Materiel , Designed with Realistic Detail.

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Prextex Plushlings Plush Crocodile with 3 Little Plush Baby Crocodiles Stuffed alligator plush Animals Playset

Prextex Uniquely Designed Patent-Pending 24-inch handcrafted plush mommy crocodile with 3 little crocodiles
Zip the crocodiles Inside the big crocodile for easy storage and carrying!
Includes: Three premium quality, washable baby crocodile with one big 24” zippered crocodile mom

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